Getting To Know You
Our team will get to know you and your organization to create a custom plan that fits your needs.

Store Wishlist
Let us know what you're interested in offering and we will help select which products to feature on your store.

Logos & Design
Provide any logos and/or designs you’d like to use.
See the "Design Time" section for more info.

Set-Up Fees
Set-up fees and monthly maintenance are due at the time of store launch. See the "Initial Setup" section below more more info.


Vector files (ai, eps, svg, and pdf) are preferred. If you have vector files, please provide them -  we’re happy to use them!

Picture files (jpeg, png) need to be high resolution. Our design team will review any provided picture files to see if they are usable for print.

Our in-house design team is happy to work with you to create logos and designs. Additional fees will apply. For creating new designs, please provide images of your ideas.

Proofs / Mockups
Our team will provide proofs / mockups of your design(s) on the apparel you selected for your store. This is the best time to make design changes.


Building Your Store
Upon your approval of proofs / mockups, our team will start building your store. We will add your logo, brand colors, approved apparel and designs, and a store banner. Provide your social media and we'll add it to your store, making it easy to connect on multiple platforms.


Reviewing Your Store and Getting Ready to Launch
Once your store has been built, you will be sent a link to review it. While reviewing your store, if there are any changes you’d like - let us know. Upon your approval, we will launch your store and you're ready to start selling!


Initial Setup Includes:

  • Customized store with direct link
  • Password protection (optional)
  • Up to 10 products
  • Mockups of your products


Select your monthly maintenance plan below.
Prepayment for 6 months is due prior to launch.


Monthly Maintenance Fee Includes:

  • One new product addition (new design work not included)
  • A customer service representative assigned to your company
  • Restock, replenish, and provide alternative options if an item is temporarily unavailable
  • E-Commerce related fees are included upon every sale
  • Sales reports and data are available upon request

After the first 6 months, you will be billed monthly for your maintenance fee.

  • No discount for month to month payment
  • 5% Discount for 6 months of prepayment
  • 10% Discount for 12 months of prepayment

option 1: $49 per month

No storage needed / products are ordered on-demand

option 2: $199 per month

Includes 1 pallet of products stored in our warehouse

option 3: $299 per month

Includes 2 pallets of products stored in our warehouse


HuddleUp offers multiple shipping options:

  • Domestic and International
  • Direct to your customer
  • Direct to you for distribution
  • Local pick-up for the Scottsdale / Phoenix area

Company covers shipping

Shipping costs are billed to your company allowing free shipping to your customers. Your shipping account info is required.

customer covers shipping

Shipping costs added to your customer's order at checkout.

Ready to get started?