Frequently asked questions

store set-up

How much does it cost to set up an online store?

We have multiple store level options to choose from, as well as "A La Carte" build as you go options.

Schools and non-profit organizations will have $500 waived from their set-up fees when proper documentation is provided.

How long does setting up a store take?

Normal store set up time can take up to 2 weeks, but may extended depending on length of proof approvals, numbers of designs, and / or number product listings being added.

How long can we have our store open?

You can have your store all year long so anyone can buy anytime! 

If you only need a store for a short period of time, let us know!

what is our store website link?

All stores come with a custom HuddleUp link.

For example:         Store         Industry Print Solutions


If there is a specific link you would like for your store, ask to see if it is available.


How do we pick what is offered on the store?

Let us know what items you are looking to offer. We also have a catalog of apparel, hats, accessories, and other products to choose from.

How many items can we have?

Store levels include a starting amount of product listings.

Level 1 Stores start with 8 product listings.

Level 2 Stores start with 16 product listings.

Level 3 Stores start with 32 product listings.

You can always add more product listings and grow your store.

What is a product LISTING?

A product listing includes your product, product color variations, design color variation, and price.

See the image on How It Works for more information.

What is a standard product?

A standard product is product we keep in inventory and is ready to be printed on-demand when ordered from your store.

To add a standard product listing to your store is $25.

What is a Premium product?

A premium product is a product we offer, but do not keep in inventory. These products will be ordered on-demand when ordered from your store. This will lead to an increase in production and order processing time.

To add a premium product listing to your store is $45.

What is a Custom product?

A custom product may include pre-purchased items, apparel not found in our catalog, requires off-site production, and/or if product photography is needed.

To add a custom product listing to your store is $75.

What are featured items?

Featured Items will be the first set of products you see when visiting the store. It’s a great way to showcase items for an event or club that you want everyone to see when they visit the store.

What if I want a specific brand for apparel?

If there is a specific brand you would like to include on your store, ask to see if it’s an option.

Are extended sizes available?

Small-2XL for adult sizes are available for all stores. Extended sizes larger than 2XL are based on availability.

Add $2 for 2XL
Add $3 for 3XL - Size only available upon request
Add $4 for 4XL - Size only available upon request

Curvy shirts are also available upon request. Curvy shirts are plus-size women-cut shirts.

Sizes: 1 (14/16), 2 (18/20), 3 (22/24), 4 (26/28)


How do we create designs for our online store?

If you have your own designs, send them to the design team so they can make sure they are print ready.

Vector files (ai, eps, svg, and sometimes pdf) are preferred. If you have vector files, please provide them - we’re happy to use them! We will work with you to see if vector files are available.

Picture files (jpeg, png, and sometimes pdf) need to be high resolution. Our design team will review any provided picture files to see if they are acceptable for print.

If you need designs, the design team will work with you.

Design time fees will be discussed if our team needs to recreate logos or create designs.

For creating new designs, please provide example images of your ideas.

Our Design Team will create proofs and mockups of your decorated apparel selected for your store. Once designs are finalized, they will be added to your store.

Is there a design fee?

Yes, there's a starting fee of $50 per each new design. Contact us for a quote.

Can we use our logo and colors?

Yes! HuddleUp can use your logo and colors to create a space bursting with spirit.

If you have exact color codes you'd like to use, please provide them. Otherwise, we will do our best to match the colors in your logo.

Is glitter an option?

Yes, however having a design with glitter will limit your design and color options. Our glitter is a heat transfer vinyl, and a separate process from our DTG printing. A design with one glitter color is no extra charge.


How do we place an online store order?

Go to “Find Your Store” (located in the navigation of our main page) and choose your store.

OR Use the direct link to go to your store (we’ll provide one).

Choose your products and follow the online ordering process from there!

Are there any minimum order requirements?

No! There is not a minimum requirement for ordering online through a store. We will be printing your apparel / creating your products on-demand, which removes the burden of buying in bulk and carrying your own inventory.

Do we have to carry inventory, or sell any products ourselves?

No! We carry the inventory and will ship directly to you from HuddleUp Stores. The only thing you have to do is share and promote the store!

How long does it take for orders to process?

Our standard processing time frame is up 5-7 business days (from order being placed to shipping).

Premium and custom products, bulk orders, and supply chain issues may extend processing time.

How will my order be shipped?

We ship order through USPS Priority Mail. International shipping is available upon request.

We also offer local pick-up if you're located in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area.

Are returns and exchanges allowed?

Unfortunately, no. Everything we print is on-demand and custom to your order.
See the Return Policy for more information.


Can we make a bulk order? and how?

Absolutely! Bulk orders are great for clubs, teams, and special events.

Please contact HuddleUp for pricing.

Are there any minimum order requirements?

Yes, we required a minimum of 8 for a bulk order.

How long does it take to complete a bulk order?

Please allow up to 15 business days after proof approval and payment for production on all bulk order items.

Can i use my team logo / artwork?

Absolutely! Please send your team logo or artwork as early as possible.

View the Design section for more information about artwork requirements.

Pick up & shipping

When submitting your order form, please confirm if you will be picking up your bulk order, or if it needs to be shipped.

If your bulk order needs to be shipped, shipping fees will be added to your invoice.

how do we pay for our bulk order?

Once your proof has been approved, we will send an invoice for your bulk order. HuddleUp Stores will not be responsible for collecting payment from each team member or package placed within a bulk order.


How do we get sales?

Share! All store levels include at least 1 social media post for you to help promote your store.

Additional social media posts can be created - Contact HuddleUp for more information.

How do we track our online store sales?

Over time, your store will generate sales that will allow our team to create reports for you. These reports will be sent at the end of every commission period to help keep you up to date with your store's progress. Additional reports may be requested.

Do our sales generate a commission?

Yes, stores for schools and non-profit organizations will earn a 20% store commission from all sales made.

How do we get paid from our online store sales?

Commission payments can be made twice per year - during the summer and the winter.

Commission payments will be made in the form of ACH Deposits, be sure to provide account information during your set-up.